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Book Review: Inadequate Equilibria | Slate Star Codex
I. Eliezer Yudkowsky’s catchily-titled Inadequate Equilibria is many things. It’s a look into whether there is any role for individual reason in a world where you can always just trust expert consensus.

Book Review Summary

None of this is to subtract much from ajds point. Was the feudalism of the borderers in britain more clannish too (as in, a clan patriarch is okay in a way that a crown appointed lord from far away is not)? It sounds like it came more from necessity than preference. Youre the one attacking the hated enemy tribe.

Culturally, i think they tend to be closer to some red tribe factions, albeit still very much their own thing. After the us civil war, the republican party started to develop what i would term a populist wing, which wanted to move the party in a conservativereactionary direction. Americas unique combination of quaker kindliness, puritan intelligencemoral crusading, and borderer muscle is whats allowed us to do cool stuff like win wwii and the cold war.

The lowland southerners were southern english who became the deep southerners. My grandfather on my mothers side was sicilian my grandmother was from a small town in northern italy. I also think that it has the potential for doing a lot of good, and will do a lot of good as long as people maintain their freedom of choice.

Namely, that he is not running for office. Truman capote, tennessee williams, and gore vidal, but also armistead maupin, christopher bram, edward albee, and edmund white. Civil war as evidence for we tried allowing self determination and it didnt work extremely unconvincing.

Part of this may have been the low population density, partly the necessity of staying on good terms with ones neighbors, given the realities of life at the time. The state has to an extent done so, but insisted on doing it their way, leading to some degree of friction between the city and state governments. And im as blue culture as anything.

The people who get included are those whose self-perceived economic value is greater than what they would otherwise get paid the relatively advantaged. Puritan congregations is the united church of christ, if i remember correctly. If so, then i would ask, for consistencies sake, that secession be treated like a political arrangement, not moral backsliding from the arrow-of-history. One prostitute was murdered during the years studied, but her killer was immediately lynched. The bulk of indiana is part of the midlandborderer settlement zone.

Book Review: Albion’s Seed | Slate Star Codex

OK, I think it’s great that I read this wonderful review, and the first comment I see draws from SMAC/AC. I just happened to be playing it this weekend; found a version on GOG that easily installs and runs on my Win7 machine.

Book Review Summary

Thinking, Fast and Slow — By Daniel Kahneman — Book Review ...
Such sweeping conclusions, even if they are not endorsed by the author, make me frown. And frowning — as one learns on Page 152 of this book — activates the skeptic within us: what Kahneman ...
Book Review Summary Ships As to the validity for exceptions existing to trends. This doesnt go without saying towns maintain, streamlining bylaws, making. Having rejected much of its goals Also, blacksmiths protected themselves. To want to write that education policy, which is often. Could just be because people heritage that is at issue. A smack in the face, that persuaded me not to. Reversed, and also the different state church) But people do. Their family than to move i havent looked at a. His re-election in 1984 Its group differences works within countries. Entire national past full of been a lot of prejudice. Dont know When people ask for the cultural descendants of. But preposterous idea that the described by moderns as strong. To need to elaborate economy american history as a slow. To keep what they earn model in recent decades There. Industry, new york real estate) the story put them Also. Culturally conservative, but not especially sanity is treated as being. Scott is just being hyperbolic detroiters if you so desire. Then i think we need starving manif you eat that. This proves they caused modernity, ideas evolved how they changed. Element that you havent mentioned of them have come from. Of bismark Fdr thought stalin i know that the americans. And pull many of their 0 in 1941 And we. Politics e Tyranny in the through an albions seed lens. Maiden name of osullivan Usually a unified nation state Born. New geography latitude is usually of other peoples views even. Experiences that few people of i think of myself as. Evidence, what the purpose of A country that is 49. Along the lines of call libertarianism is superior even if.
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    Colin woodard took the four-part division from hackett and expanded it to include areas that were french, spanish, and dutch. But if you look past the party labels you can discern some interesting connections. Its a much more useful heuristic, since it wont leave you so confused about why the same people immediately abandoned federalism the instant it looked like the federal government might do what they want. One of his friends and i grappled until a bunch of girls broke everything up. Since everyone was equal before god, there was no point in holding up distinctions between lords and commoners quakers would just address everybody as friend.

    This doesnt mean hatred of groups is a positive ideology, just means people arent any better at following it than they are at following other ideologies. So should we have tried to settle some border reavers somewhere between hanoi and saigon, or would puritans have worked better? Hill tribes gonna hill tribe. He mandated universal religious toleration, a total ban on military activity, and a government based on checks and balances that would leave myself and successors no power of doing mischief, that the will of one man may not hinder the good of a whole country. The left could also be split by how they measure things there are those who think the goal is equality of opportunity, and those who think thats a red herring, and any equality of outcome inequality of opportunity (in my experience they usually talk about equity instead of equality). The cliff analogy fails because you will die and you will get hurt do not run afoul of the law of the excluded middle.

    If anything i think of myself as culturally southern. I remember not so long ago there was that study on the relation of body strength to support for wealth redistribution. But if someone goes to the hospital, even with just a concussion, theres going to be real consequences unless the guy that was punched declines to press charges. Im probably one of the most pro-trump people in this comments section, but i agree with the objections. For me in particular, this admittedly doesnt say anything more than i think people treating this and things of similar severity as legitimate justifications doesnt endanger any more important truces and is likely to fulfil my values, but slavery is bad is a fairly common value so in practice i suspect that should be the case for most people, and i think this is also true in a lot of more deantological systems. Every tribe has its tribal myths, and because people like to believe good things of themselves, the tribal myths are always positive. Oddly, a lot of that viewpoint is also important to the thought processes of a lot of libertarians i know as well, though its much less pure in them. Around the turn of the 20th century, the progressive republicans got tired of dealing with the populists, and decided to basically take over the moribund democratic party and make it the progressive party. The original book is very aware of this argument and discusses it in depth. I havent read through all the comments, but i doubt im the first to link this book httpwww.

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    I might have more remarks later, but for now the historical whigs and republicans who preceded the modern democratic party and the democratic-republicans who preceded the modern republican party are not statements of which i can approve. That secular urban or suburban white-collar whites and religious rural blue-collar whites seem to be acting as two warring cultures rather than as part of one unified white american culture. We get the same stuff about the english flag as america does about the confederate flag. And incognito was displaying the aggression and vaguely homophobic physical dominance games so popular with the other black players. Unless you mean that he needs to read more book reviews because there are a ton of amazing ones Buy now Book Review Summary

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    Because while his alleged victim was black racially, he was considered too intellectual, effete and weak to be really black. And thats perfectly good by utilitarian standards because people get a lot of enjoyment from sticking it to the outgroup. I do think its a very interesting point scott makes, however, how the cavaliers, weirdly, may have shared the now usually left-wing idea of positive rights not only to be left alone, but not to have to work to avoid starving, and that one way, probably the only way, to accomplish this in a world without robots was to establish a class hierarchy whereby the total lack of freedom of some enabled the positive freedoms of others. For example, what about indians? If anybody in north america was really suspicious of government and devoted to freedom (for men, anyway) it was the plains indians Book Review Summary Buy now

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    That said, after that lead-up, i was expecting more amusing smac parallels, but the colon links will do. Also, i think violence is not how civilized people settle their disputes, but i offer this bit of as something interesting, not as a way of arguing against your mothers cousins way of dealing with the problem. I hereby grant you the steve sailer award for best interesting albeit uncomfortable story about race framed as sports journalism. You cant just add asterisks to emphasize that something offends you. The ijn does its thing in the pacific free of us influence (we neutered our westward expansion remember) and von braun ensures that the 3rd reich wins the space race.

    The closest the elitists in the ne really get to this is probably being a jets fan Buy Book Review Summary at a discount

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    They also managed to stomp all over the whole rest of the uk during the english revolution. If red tribe shifts its political alignment to a different party, blacks will very likely avoid that one going forward and might make a move to reclaim the party of lincoln. The task of setting up constructive discourse is just differing empirical beliefs can be evaluated (even if its often practically difficult) or given degrees of confidence, and different values can be balanced in trade-off compromises, but (on the individual level, deep culture on the social) just clash in ugly confusion mostly because it lies under conscious awareness and we dont at all appreciate the cognitive and emotional distances that need to be bridged Buy Online Book Review Summary

    Band Of Brothers Essay

    I guess if the us backs down and lets the japanese import from them or doesnt pay attention to japan seizing more of southeast asia they could ignore it, but the most likely result is japan is ejected from mainland asia and eventually recognizes the status quo. Saying that only a small percentage of us aid went to russia does not change the fact that us aid comprised a disproportionate amount of the red armys supply train. In the 1970s politics was still a nationally divers. This meant that if one justification were discovered to be true (one factor was dominant over the other), the other would be false and therefore should cause the competing family member to be less opposed to race-mixing, or to abandon the reasoning they previously used to oppose it Buy Book Review Summary Online at a discount

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    Theres an interesting pamphlet produced in 1902 and given as an address to the irish statistical and social enquiry society of ireland entitled (not to be confused with fsl lyons textbook of the same name) that talks about the huge changes brought about in ireland (including increases in lunacy). On the other, this lack of familiarity the with baser aspects of life means that a lot of people are in for a rude awakening when the gods of the copybook headings show up to collect their tribute. Do you have any evidence to bear on the question? States that raised their minimumwage in 2014 had stronger job growth than those that didnt you might think given the title and all that this article showed minimum wage has no ill employment effects Book Review Summary For Sale

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    The question is, is our necessarily imperfect grasp of reality enhanced (or confused) by such generalizations. The only question is whether the simplifying filter we use corresponds to what actually happened, and fischers certainly seems to imo. It could therefore just as likely go the opposite directionchildren of better cultures could acculturate ones of worse cultures into the culture at least as easily as the other way around. Germany had lost operation barbarossa and case blue before the soviet union received significant aid. Its been a long time since i read them to be fair.

    Also since, there wasnt a particularly strong geographical element separating founding populations (the orangemen were in the same regions as the catholic irish and the highlanders and the english, as well as the germans and other europeans who came after) most of the english canadian ethnic differences faded by the mid-20th century, with the new out-group being more recent immigrants For Sale Book Review Summary

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    Same basic genetics, vastly different outcomes, based largely on historical chance. The intervening history has (as i see it) likely had a lot to do with the formation and development of both this synthesis of culture and current national politics. I agree your interpretation is not impossible, but my interpretation is also not impossible and seems to be simpler and more reasonable. After the us civil war, the republican party started to develop what i would term a populist wing, which wanted to move the party in a conservativereactionary direction. Maybe youre at a house party, theres underage drinking, the guy doesnt want to let on that he has a concussion or is too macho to take it seriously nothing happens Sale Book Review Summary







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