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Dupont Challenge Essay 2013

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Dupont Challenge Essay 2013

Overt censorship or self-censorship, ive lived under it. The other is the argument the left has used to erode trust in the press. I think it is emblematic of the state of journalism (sorry, but i assume you are part of the profession) that you would uncritically disseminate this justification for muzzling the press.

My sense is that not believing the news media has become an easy excuse. When you put my trust puzzler to professional journalists (and i have) they tend to give two replies the press is just part of the trend. Joe reader doesnt want to complain about lack of professionalism except as this same cudgel.

Gallups trendline is the fragmentation of mass media. Doesnt mean your factor isnt a factor, but we need more than it. For the second time in a decade, the believability ratings for major news organizations have suffered broad-based declines.

Have you heard cnns slogan for its 2012 election coverage? The only side were on is yours. It reminds of the time i was sitting in a meeting with knight-ridder editors in the mid-90s. Terry, i think the data points from 80-83 and again from 90-93 tell a story that would be missed by interpolating across gallups missing years.

So, maybe these two perspectives are examining the same basic problem on different levels. Which is ironic, because the press did some of its most pathetic work at that time. Concurrently, tv news came to be seen as a revenue source rather than the old loss leader, (who wouldnt trust the news less when it became all about making money?) newspapers soon followed suit.

Here are five explanations, each of them a partial truth. The internet made it easy for anyone to look up anything and do some of the kind of work journalists were once entrusted with. So the real root cause is the institutionalization of the press in 156, but the way we see it is the content in 234. Pentagon papers, 72 was watergate and 74 was the movie all the presidents men, the story of the news uncovering watergate. More of the effort these days in on manipulating the news, rather than reporting it.

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Dupont Challenge Essay 2013

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Dupont Challenge Essay 2013 Some realize that the gatekeepers are filtering out information that is important to them. When you are surrounded by a cacophony of information, much unwanted, its an irritation. Public service journalism is supposed to be a check on those institutions. Professionalization creates a perceived loss in everyman status. Joe reader doesnt want to complain about lack of professionalism except as this same cudgel. After Helen ran away with Paris, prince of Troy, the Greek armies fought a ten year long war against Troy to win her back, as. And, when the news anchors are making 5 million a year, with whom do you think they identify? Not the people they are supposed to be helping make informed decisions. But the decline in trust began more than 30 years ago. Took a bit of time for the effects of massive media monopolies and this town aint big enough for the two of us newspaper wars to reach the coasts. We dont answer the phone and we dont return calls. Times should not have published the zucchino story this morning on the grounds that it undermines u. I think they all have some merit, but some does not mean equal.
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    Ive looked over the comments so far with the goal of distilling and classifying. Instead, as jay has said, they adopt the view from nowhere and fall into the trap of false equivalence. Phils tweet and some other things i have been hearing. As someone who grew up in the south, i can say the the very controlled establishment media shone strong lights on the state of race relations there (if not in the north) that were hard to ignore. A decade later, that number had fallen to 58 percent.

    I was trying to say was that journalists havent simply developed a greater natural propensity to behave like bad actors, or exhibit bias, or be out of touch with the public, or co-opted by elites, or to miss scandals (like the jayson blair scandal) for too long, or exhibit other behaviors that we as observers might fault them for. However, i think the decline in trust also reflects the increasing polarization of society. Here are a few comparison figures from gallups. In the end, its just as easy to tap online sources as is to turn on a scheduled program or wait for the newsweekly. Have you heard cnns slogan for its 2012 election coverage? The only side were on is yours.

    But detractors i come across arent great consumers of any type of news media. And it is much easier to ignore the media and simply say, i believe what i believe. Eventually the public caught on to this fact, that the media is pretty much a corporate mouthpiece, and their trust evaporated, to me, all of the points jay enumerates result from the commercialization, corporatization and conglomeration of media outlets started under president reagans administration and which you so well describe. Citizens increasingly intuit that the practice of journalism doesnt reflect truth, it alludes tocreates truth. They will never trust the press unless its a mouthpiece for their point of view. When this happens, news consumers who are looking for truth have every reason not to trust the press. Subscribe to our previews newsletter for a sneak peek at your favorite programs. But if someone saw it, youd be out. Once people realized that all those pretty house parts required lots of work to put in place, they moved back to hiring builders to do it for them at least most people did. The image of david gregory dancing with grand master rove at the correspondents dinner is an icon of the insider image of the national media.

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    If you are a teacher searching for educational material, please visit pbs learningmedia for a wide range of free digital resources spanning preschool through 12th grade. Hypothetically, it could be that the press is doing a better job now overall than they did 40 years ago. I am surprised by the cynicism of the audience reflected in jays saying the audience understands that journalists are never going to tell them whats going on in the largest sense of that phrase. Wade and the decision to politicize them for electoral gain, but i couldnt locate it. Meaning the 20 percent on this side arent getting the ideological confirmation they want, the 20 percent on the other side arent getting the confirmation want, and the 60 percent who want the news to help them get their bearings or know whom to trust arent getting served well, either Buy now Dupont Challenge Essay 2013

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    Starting in the 80s, there was tremendous growth in the number of tv channels via cable. I think your first reply, from victoria, alternative media sources provide a richer and more varied perspective than mainstream media, is more correct than she realized. Its laughably useless and head-in-the-sand, and the public knows it. Gallups question concerns newspapers, tv and radio as delivery systems for journalism and it asks about comprehensiveness, accuracy and fairness. Professionalization creates a perceived loss in everyman status.

    But it would also be interesting to test the influence of certain signature, polarizing culture events, such as the supreme court decision in january 1973 legalizing abortion Dupont Challenge Essay 2013 Buy now

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    Young people interviewing for jobs often mentioned watergate and had that sparkle of me too in their eyes. Christopher lydonjournalist, intellectual, radio host, and boston presence when i was in cambridge about the declining faith in american institutions, including the press. Across the board these great journalists suggested that plagiarism used to be a much greater problem in years past (when tit was more difficult for outside fact-checking and general surveillance of the press). Before watergate, most people entered journalism to be writers, and newspapers were filled with story-telling. If journalists help expose that, confidence in the press should rise.

    And they arent, it seems, nor fierce enough Buy Dupont Challenge Essay 2013 at a discount

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    Jay, i think you should consider moving 6 up the list. From the perspective of someone who went to work in newspapers in 1962, stepped away after a few decades to do magazines for a while, and now leads a web journalism startup, id like to lob in two more causes for the decline in trust 1) a tectonic shift in retailing in which discounters, starting in the mid-70s, decimated the de. How important was that event in setting the sides for the culture war that divides americans to this day? It was the kind of issue that murdered neutrality, which, in turn, made the disinterested press harder for partisans to embrace. I know that customer service isnt journalism with a capital j. Before watergate, most people entered journalism to be writers, and newspapers were filled with story-telling Buy Online Dupont Challenge Essay 2013

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    Terry, thanks! I have linked to charts from the general social survey in the april 18, 2012 at 508 pm comment below that you might find useful. In the comments, john paton, the ceo of digital first media, second largest newspaper company in the u. Banks have been allowed to gamble (with increasing stakes) at will with peoples money. This amounts to , in eric altermans phrase. Suppose the catholic church fails (scandalously) to deal with child abusers among its priests.

    When i think of companies i dont trust cable, computers, service its because customer service sucks. I remember reading a group interview from a few years ago, for instance, including people like ben bagdikian and david halberstam (and other luminaries), where they were asked about the glass and blair plagiarism scandals Buy Dupont Challenge Essay 2013 Online at a discount

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    After 2000, the web can account for the decrease, since we can now quickly confirm for ourselves that the the emperor has no clothes. According to this interpretation, stories that are too big to tell (not that they literally could not be told but they overwhelm journalism as it stands today) are the ones that have really affected peoples lives. Ive looked over the comments so far with the goal of distilling and classifying. I know that customer service isnt journalism with a capital j. But those people who believe in bad sources are not stupid necessarily.

    That all institutions are less trusted does not mean that they are all less trusted for the same reason. Like i said, america is a divided country Dupont Challenge Essay 2013 For Sale

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    I suspect that human nature tends to be constant. Here is a journalistic treatment that is quite good. This fits, further, with two interconnected historical developments the explosion in population numbers and the proportionate explosion in mass communications. There must be polls that have ethnic and gender break-downs. Corporate journalists value having access to power more than telling the truth (and especially more than telling truth to that power).

    By 1998, we had the spectacle of the clinton impeachment travesty. And they arent, it seems, nor fierce enough. I mean seizing on details, radically reinterpreting and filtering in hopes of boosting signalnoise ratio. As journalists professionalize, they (seek to) step up in class For Sale Dupont Challenge Essay 2013

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    I think this is a big part of whats unraveling before us today, and i, for one, welcome it. The addition of high definition has increased the value of looking the part vs actually acting the part. As someone who grew up in the south, i can say the the very controlled establishment media shone strong lights on the state of race relations there (if not in the north) that were hard to ignore. General social survey, a massive national poll conducted by the national opinion research center at the university of chicago, has been measuring public confidence in institutions for more than three decades. We eliminate content because we can, even though customers tell us they want it.

    The very linear trend between these two points makes me wonder how frequently data was gathered, but it is not a stretch to suggest that the transition between these two extremes was a continuous and smooth process Sale Dupont Challenge Essay 2013







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